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Policy Enforcer Settings

To configure your Policy Enforcer, perform the following actions.

Before You Begin


To set up a Sky ATP or JATP Configuration Type, you must do the following:

  1. Select Security Director>Administration>Policy enforcer>Settings.
  2. Enter the IP address for the policy enforcer virtual machine. (This is the IP address you configured during the PE VM installation. You can locate this IP address in the vSphere Center portal.)
  3. Enter the password for the policy enforcer virtual machine. (This is the same password you use to login to the VM with your root credentials. Note that the username defaults to root )

    Note Refer to Deploying and Configuring the Policy Enforcer with OVA files for instructions on downloading Policy Enforcer and creating your policy enforcer virtual machine.

  4. Select a Sky ATP Configuration Type. If you do not select a type, Policy Enforcer works in default mode. (SeeSky ATP Configuration Type Overview for more information.)
  5. Polling timers affect how often the system polls to discover endpoints. There are two polling timers, one that polls network wide and one that polls site wide. They each have default settings, but you can change those defaults to poll more or less often.
    • Network wide polling interval (value in hours): The default is 24 hours. You can set this range from between 1 to 48 hours. This timer polls all endpoints added to the secure fabric.

    • Site wide polling interval (value in minutes): The default is 5 minutes. You can set this range from 1 minute to 60 minutes. This timer polls infected endpoints moving within the sites that are a part of Secure fabric.

  6. Click the Download button to view or save Policy Enforcer data logs to your local system. These logs are in a compressed file format.

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