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Creating URL Patterns

Use the Create URL Patterns page to create custom URL patterns. A URL pattern is a list of URLs organized into a group. You can later assign this list to a URL category.

Before You Begin


To create URL patterns:

  1. Select Configure > UTM Policy > URL Patterns.
  2. Click the + icon to create a new custom URL pattern list.
  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 228.
  4. Click Finish. A new custom URL pattern list is created.

Table 228: URL Pattern Settings



General Information


Enter a unique name for the URL category that is a string of alphanumeric characters, colons, periods, dashes, and underscores. No spaces are allowed and the maximum length is 29 characters.


Enter a description for the URL pattern list; maximum length is 255 characters.

Add URLs

Enter URLs in the Add URLs box, and click Add. Separate multiple URLs with commas. The URL List field supports the *, ., [, ], and ? wildcard characters. Precede all wildcard characters with http://. You can only use * at the beginning of a URL followed by a period, and you can only use ? at the end of a URL.

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