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Using Report Definitions


You can use the Report Definitions page to view a summary of network activity and overall network status. You can use the predefined reports as is, or you can build custom reports.

To use report definitions:

  1. Select Reports > Report Definitions.

    The Report Definitions page is displayed.

  2. Click a column header. The available options are:
    • Sort Ascending—Sorts reports in ascending order; for example, A to Z or 1 to 10.

    • Sort Descending—Sorts reports in descending order; for example Z to A or 10 to 1.

    • Show or Hide Columns—Provides a list of columns with check boxes to add or remove columns from the report definitions table. Table 339 lists the columns that you can add to the table or remove from the table.

    • Check boxes—Each row has a check box. Select the check box to perform operations like, run now, preview as PDF, send report, edit recipients, edit schedule, clone, edit the report definitions, and delete the report definitions.

      By default, some predefined reports are available.

      Table 339: Report Definitions Columns




      Name of the report (user‐created or predefined).


      Description of the report definition.


      Type of report definition used such as log reports, bandwidth report, or policy analysis reports.

      Report Content

      Details of the sections in the report such as Top Applications, Top Applications Blocked, Top Roles, and so on.


      Report generation schedule such as daily, weekly, or monthly.


      Recipients of the generated reports.

      Last Generated

      Time when the last report was generated, along with the status.

      Job ID

      Job ID of the report.

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