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Creating Custom Columns

Starting Security Director Release 15.2, you can create a custom column. This is used for tracking specific notes on rules such as internal ticket numbers, changes to firewall policy rules, changes in rule ownership, and so on. The custom column is a user-defined column that is appended to the other columns on the rules page of any firewall policy. Data in these columns can be captured and saved in the same way as in the other columns.

Once you enter or modify data in a custom column, you can search the data. Security Director searches for the data and displays the results with the policy details and the rules that have the custom column data.

Note To create, edit, or delete custom columns, assign the predefined or user-defined role with the appropriate custom column privileges to the users.


To create a custom column for firewall policies:

  1. Select Configure > Firewall Policy > Policies.

    The policies page appears.

  2. Right-click a policy or select Manage Custom Columns from the More list.

    The Manage Custom Columns page appears.

  3. Click the + icon to create a custom column.

    The Add Custom Column page appears.

  4. Enter the following details:


    1. Name—Enter a unique string of alphanumeric characters, periods, dashes, spaces, and underscores. The maximum length is 32 characters. This is a mandatory field.
    2. Validation Pattern—Enter the regular expression to validate the entered data. For example, the typical e-mail regular expression looks like this:


      This is an optional field. However, if you do not provide the regular expression, the custom column data will not be validated.

      Note Security Director uses the following parameters to validate custom column data:

      • Explicit regular expression—The optional regular expression property is defined for the current custom column.

      • Implicit length check—The maximum length of the data must be 256 characters. It is applicable to all custom columns.

  5. Click OK to create the custom column.

    The new custom column is listed in the Manage Custom Columns page.

    Note You can create a maximum of three custom columns.

    You can view the columns that you create on the rules page of any firewall policy. Click a policy name to view the rules associated with the policy. The new custom columns appear at the end of the grid on the rules page. The custom columns are not specific to a policy and are visible on rules pages of all the firewall policies.


    • You can edit the data in the custom column and the corresponding policy rules through an inline edit.

    • Custom columns are exported when a firewall policy is exported.

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