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Viewing the Active Configuration of a Device in Security Director

You can view the active configuration of one or more devices on the Security Devices page.


To view the active configuration:

  1. Select Devices > Security Devices.

    The Security Devices page appears.

  2. Select one or more devices. From the More or right-click menu, select Configuration > View Active Configuration.

    The View Active Configuration page appears, displaying the active configuration on the selected devices. The left pane displays the Junos OS configuration statement hierarchy and the right pane displays the CLI and XML views of the configuration; the CLI configuration is displayed by default.

  3. Select the actions that you want to perform by using the guidelines provided in Table 117.
  4. Click Close to close the page.

    You are returned to the Security Devices page.

Table 117: View Active Configuration Page Actions



Navigate the configuration

Click the right arrow to expand the configuration and the down arrow to collapse the configuration.

Search the configuration

Enter a search term in the text box in the left pane and mouse over the right side of the text box and click the magnifying glass icon.

The configuration statements that match the search text are displayed in the left pane. Select one or more check boxes to view the CLI corresponding to the search results.

Customize the configuration display settings

Click the gears icon in the left pane to modify the configuration display settings on the View Active Configuration page.

The Modify Custom Settings page appears. Configure the settings according to the guidelines provided in Table 118.

Click Save to save your changes.

You are taken to the View Active Configuration page where the settings are applied.

View the configuration as it appears in the CLI

Click the CLI tab to view the configuration as it appears on the device CLI. This is the default view.

View the configuration in XML format

Click the XML tab to view the configuration in XML format.

View selected parts of the configuration

Select the check box for a configuration statement to view the details of the configuration stanza in the CLI or XML tabs.

If you have configured the option to select multiple configuration statements, then you can view more than one configuration stanza by selecting multiple check boxes.

Export the configuration

Click Export All to export the configuration for all the devices displayed.

The Job Details: Export Device Configuration page appears, displaying the status of the job.

Click the Download link to download the configuration (in ZIP format) to your local client.

Click OK to close the Job Details page. You are returned to the View Active Configuration page.

Table 118: Modify Custom Settings



Multi Select

Select this check box if you want to view more than one configuration statement hierarchy at the same time.

This check box is clear by default.

Alphabetical Ordering

Select this check box to view the configuration statement in alphabetical order.

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