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About the Devices Page


To access this page, select Monitor > VPN > VPNs.

Use the Devices page to view IPsec VPN statistics in tabular format. It shows all the VPNs and their types, all the devices in a VPN, total number of tunnels, and the number of tunnels that are down.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • View IPsec VPN statistics, such as name, type, and so on.

  • Filter the data in the table based on the VPN name and its type. Click the filter icon and enter the filter criteria.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Devices page.

Table 1: Fields on the Devices Page




Specifies the IPsec VPN name.

Click > displayed beside the name to view the devices in the VPN.


Specifies the type of VPN, such as site-to-site, full-mesh, or hub-and-spoke.

No. Tunnels

Specifies the total number of tunnels in each device.

Tunnels Down

Specifies the number of tunnels that are down.