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Resolved Issues


This section lists the resolved issues in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 18.3R1.

For the most complete and latest information about resolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • Users are able to delete devices, without having the delete device privilege. [PR 1351713]

  • The HTTP response header discloses the server version information, middle ware components, and application platform framework, which could lead to security concerns. [PR 1355697]

  • Insufficient controls to prevent unrestricted file uploads. [PR 1355724]

  • The audit logs created while modifying the Junos Space configuration does not provide information on the user IP address. [PR 1360451]

  • The EMS inventory view does not display the optical module information. [PR 1363469 ]

  • Sorting and filtering functions missing in the User Accounts menu. [PR 1365122]

  • Device discovery fails for the second node of device clusters in a non-global domain. [PR 1366049]

  • When a new node is added into the Space fabric, the ownership of the /var/log/redis directory changes to "saslauth:root" on the new node. The redis service does not start as the redis user will not be able to access the log directory. [1367481]

  • Unable to access the Junos Space UI using Chrome browser, due to the webProxy configuration not synchronizing during the certificate install. [1369907]

  • The hostnames for some devices in the physical inventory report (downloadable) are split into 2 rows. Otherwise, the hostname is correctly placed in the CSV or PDF file. [1374505]

  • Filters are not persistent while applying configlets or executing script selection. [1376003]

  • Device discovery using the eth3 interface setup fails because the device is not reachable to the Junos Space Platform. [1376194]

  • The audit log messages do not provide the exact reason for the 500 Internal Server Errors message while executing scripts and configlets. The following message has been added:

    "Unable to schedule jobs at the moment. Job Maintenance activities in progress. Please try scheduling job at a later point of time". [1376315]

  • Devices in RMA state cannot be reactivated using the Reactivate from RMA function, as the RMA option does not list the devices. [1382187]

  • While enabling Cassandra, the migration of existing device images in Junos Space fails. The UI shows the successful migration message, but the log files show the failure messages. [1348763]

  • Rebooting the Junos Space fabric nodes causes the IPV6 VIP binding to fail, thereby losing access to the Web UI. [PR 1349007]

  • While uploading all the scripts together, the browser does not respond. [PR 1352724]

  • Creating new tags with “/” leads to failure. [ PR 1367697]

  • Saving new template strings ending with “$” leads to failure.[PR 1370804]

  • If the SRX is managed by Junos Space, adding an EX switch that is located behind the SRX leads to failure. The SRX performs NAT, which causes the EX to fail. [PR 1371039]

  • Discovering a new device under network monitoring, causes the path outage page to disappear. [PR 1334634]

  • Deadlock messages appears on all Junos Space nodes, when Junos Space updates multiple link status syslogs. [PR 1372219]