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Installing URL Categories on SRX Series Devices

You can install URL categories on SRX Series devices with an EWF license. All SRX Series devices with an EWF license are listed in a table. If your device is not listed, then you can probe for SRX Series devices to show up in the table.


To install URL categories on devices with an EWF license:

  1. Select Configure > UTM Policy > Category Update.

    The Category Update page is displayed.

  2. Click Install.

    The Install Category page is displayed. A category version is also displayed in the page title, depending on the category version downloaded.

  3. Select the devices with an EWF license.

    If a device is not displayed, you can click Probe Devices to probe for devices.

  4. Specify whether you want to run a job for installing the categories immediately or schedule it for a later time.
  5. Click OK.

    The Job Details page is displayed with details, such as type, ID, user state, and so on.

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