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Registering Security Services


Use the Register Security Service page in Security Director to register a Juniper security service on a specific NSX Manager. After registering the security service from Security Director, log in to the vCenter server and deploy the service from NSX.

To register the Juniper security service:

  1. Select Devices > NSX Managers.

    The NSX Managers page appears.

  2. Select the NSX Manager for which service needs to be registered.
  3. From the More list or right-click menu, select Register Security Service.

    The Register Security Service page appears.

  4. Complete the configuration by using the guidelines in Table 137.
  5. Click Register to complete the registration.

    A confirmation message appears if the registration is successful or not.

    To verify if the security service registration is successful, from the vSphere Web Client, click Networking & Security and then click Service Definitions. In the Service Managers tab, verify that Security Director is listed with the status as In Service.

Table 137: Fields on the Register Security Service Page



Service Name

Enter the name for the Juniper Security Service.


The vSRX OVF image that you have copied to the Policy Enforcer VM is listed here. Select the vSRX OVF image from the list.

vSRX Root Password

Enter the root password of the vSRX instance.

The same root password is set for all the vSRX VMs deployed in NSX.


Enter the description of the Juniper security service registration; you can use a maximum of 255 characters.

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