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Logging Nodes Main Page Fields


Use this page to manage and configure Log Collector. You can add, remove, log forward, or change the database password for the logging nodes. You can also view log information such as node name, type of node, node IP address, status, version, and the last boot time of the logging node.

Table 1 describes the fields on this page.

Table 1: Logging Management Main Page Fields



Node Name

Name of the log collector node.

Node Type

Type of node used for logging: Security Director Log Collector or Juniper Secure Analytics

Node IP

IP address of the node.


Current network status of the node.


Version of the node.

Last Boot Time

Last system reboot time.


Starting in Junos Space Security Director Release 16.2, the Status, Application, Version, and Last Boot Time are not displayed for the JSA node. The Log Forwarding and Change Log Password options are not available for JSA node.