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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in the Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 18.2R1. For the most complete and latest information about known Junos Space Network Management Platform defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • Custom-created surveillance categories are refreshed during network rescan and Network Monitoring service restart which results in the number of nodes rolling back to zero. [PR-1238995]

  • Multiple issues have been resolved in Security Director Release 17.2R1 by updating third-party software included with Security Director and other applications. Refer to JSA10840 for more information. [PR 1290124]

  • The script /var/www/cgi-bin/parseUserCertificates used to force the parameter import from certificates does not work. The script fails when X.509 certificate parameters are not configured on Junos space Platform. [PR 1324713]

  • Modifying the SNMP configuration for self-monitoring in Junos Space Platform deactivates the Node Management Agent (NMA) check on all nodes except for the VP node. [PR 1327249]

  • Junos Space Platform nodes keep dropping out of cluster after configuring multiple sites and activating eth3 interface, resulting in failure of jobs. This issue is caused due to the blocking of the ports 55201 and 55249. [PR 1332852]

  • Device discovery via ww Junos OS adapter fails in the eth3 interface setup as the device is not reachable from Junos Space Platform via eth0 interface. [PR 1333010]

  • Removal of a certificate Revocation list (CRL) does not get updated in all application servers. [PR 1347696]

  • Fabric monitoring service does not get updated after reboot of a pure application node. [PR 1349687]

  • When Junos Space Platform is upgraded from Release 17.1 to Release 17.2, an unnecessary rpcbind service runs, but blocks external access from the local firewall. [PR 1354202]

  • If the result of an executed remote procedure call (RPC) exceeds 255 characters, then the RPC execution result will not be stored in Junos Space Platform and the job associated with it fails. [PR 1358975]

Modified: 2018-06-23