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Uploading an Attachment to an Incident


Junos Space Service Now provides the Upload Attachment option on the Actions list to upload a file, for example, a text, image, or binary file, as an attachment to an incident. Only one file can be uploaded at a time. To upload more than one file, compress the files and upload.


We recommend that you limit the size of an attachment to be uploaded to 1 GB and use Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) to upload files of size 1 GB.

The attachment is stored in Service Now if the incident is not submitted to JSS. If a case is already created for the incident, the attachment, when uploaded to the incident is automatically uploaded to the case as well. An attachment that is uploaded to Service Now can be viewed on the View JMB page of the incident.

To upload a text or binary attachment to an incident:

  1. On the Service Now navigation tree, select Service Central > Incidents.

    The Incidents page appears.

  2. Select an incident for which you want to upload an attachment.
  3. From the Actions list, select Upload Attachments. Alternatively, right-click the incident and select Upload Attachments.

    The Upload Attachment dialog box appears as shown in figure.

    Figure 1: Upload Attachment Dialog Box
    Upload Attachment
Dialog Box
  4. Under Attachment Upload Options, select an option to upload an attachment as follows:
    • Upload an attachment by using HTTP.

      To upload an attachment by using HTTP:

      1. Click Upload via HTTP.
      2. Click the Browse button to browse for the attachment file and click Upload.

        The attachment is uploaded to the incident.

    • Upload an attachment from a remote machine by using SCP.

      To upload an attachment by using SCP:

      1. Click Upload via SCP.
      2. Enter the details of the remote machine hosting the attachment as follows:
        • Username: Enter the username of the remote machine.

        • Password: Enter the password of the local machine.

        • Confirm Password: Retype the password.

        • Machine IP: Enter the host IP address of the remote machine.

        • Software File Path: Specify the path of the attachment file on the remote machine.

      3. Click Submit.

        Service Now initiates the upload of the attachment and displays the File Upload Job information dialog box.

        After the upload job is complete, you can view the attachment in the JMB associated with the incident.