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Generating an On-Demand Device Snapshot


Junos Space Service Now provides the Create On-Demand Device Snapshots action for managed devices to generate off-box on-demand device snapshots or informational Juniper Message Bundles (iJMBs) on managed devices. You can choose to automatically upload the iJMB to Juniper Support System (JSS) or the Service Now partner (in case Service Now is operating in the End Customer mode).


You cannot create an on-demand device snapshot for a device if the device is not associated with a device group.

To generate an on-demand device snapshot:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Service Now Devices.

    The Service Now Devices page appears.

  2. On the Service Now Devices page, select one or more devices for which you want to generate an on-demand device snapshot.Note

    You can create on-demand incidents for up to five devices simultaneously.

  3. From the Actions list, select Device Operations > Create On-Demand Device Snapshots. Alternatively, right-click the selected devices and select Device Operations > Create On-Demand Device Snapshots.

    The On-demand Incident dialog box appears as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: On-demand Incident Dialog Box
    On-demand Incident Dialog
  4. (Optional) Clear the Upload iJMB check box to prevent Service Now from automatically uploading the to Juniper Support Systems (JSS) or Service Now partner.

    By default, the check box is selected and iJMBs are automatically uploaded to JSS or Service Now partner..

  5. (Optional) Clear the Verify CPU Usage check box to avoid Service Now from checking the load average value and ideal time of the device CPU before generating the iJMB.

    By default, this check box is selected. If the average load and ideal time of the CPU are not within the limits defined in Table 1, the off-box on-demand JMB is not generated and an error message is displayed. Service Now determines the CPU load average from the output of the get-system-uptime-information command and the CPU idle time from the output of the get-route-engine-information command.

    Table 1: Values for CPU Load Average and CPU Ideal Time for generating Off-box On-demand JMBs


    CPU Load Average

    CPU Ideal Time

    MX240, MX480, MX960, MX120, MX320

    < 2

    > 15

    Other Supported Devices

    < 1

    > 15

  6. (Optional) If you want to schedule generating the on-demand incident at a later time, select the Schedule at a later time check box and enter the date and time for the device snapshot be generated.
  7. Click Submit.

    Service Now creates a job for generating the device snapshot and displays the job ID as a link in the Job information dialog box.

  8. Click the job ID link to go to the Create on-demand Device Snapshot job on the Jobs page.
  9. Double-click the job to open the Create On-demand Incident Status dialog box to view the status of the create on-demand device snapshot job.

    Service Now lists the device snapshot on the Device Snapshots page.