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Setting up Java Based Web Service Client


To set up a java based web service client:

  1. Download the WSDL and XSD files from Service Now server https://IP address/aimOSSTroubleTicketService/OSSJWSDLFile?baseURL=https://[IP Address]/aimOSSTroubleTicketService/JVTTroubleTicketWS , where IP address is the IP address of the Service Now host.

  2. Download the file containing the WSDL and XSD files. Extract the zip files to the required location.

    The zip file contains the following files:

    • JVTTroubleTicketSession.wsdl

    • WS-BaseNotification.wsdl

    • WS-Resource.wsdl

    • License.xml

    • xsd/notification/b-2.xsd

    • xsd/notification/bf-2.xsd

    • xsd/notification/r-2.xsd

    • xsd/notification/t-1.xsd

    • xsd/notification/ws-addr.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-CBEBi-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-CBECore-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-CBEDatatypes-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-CBELocation-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-CBEParty-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-Common-SharedAlarm-v1-5.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-TroubleTicket-CBETrouble-v1-2.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-TroubleTicket-v1-2.xsd

    • troubleTicket/OSSJ-TroubleTicket_x790-v0-5.xsd

  3. In a windows system, select START > RUN to open the command prompt. Type cmd in the Run dialog box, and then press OK. Navigate to the location where the zip file has been extracted.

  4. Navigate to the location where the zip file is extracted and run the following command to generate the service Now OSS/J web service client binaries: wsimport –d [LOCATION_FOR_CLIENT_BINARIES] JVTTroubleTicketSession.wsdl. where LOCATION_FOR_CLIENT_BINARIES is the location to generate the web service client.