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Assigning a Message to an End Customer


Junos Space Service Now polls Juniper Support Systems (JSS) regularly to receive messages for every configured organization. As a Service Now partner, you can assign multiple messages to a connected member.


This action is available only when Service Now operates in partner-proxy mode. For more information about Direct, Partner Proxy, and End Customer modes, see Service Now Modes.

After a message is assigned to a connected member, it cannot be deleted.

To assign a message to a connected member:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Service Central > Information > Messages.

    The Messages page displays the list of information messages received.

  2. Select the message that you want to assign to a connected member, and select Assign Message to End-Customer from either the Actions list or the right-click menu.

    As shown in Figure 1, the Choose Connected Members dialog box displays the list of connected members. It also displays the connected members to whom the message is already assigned along with the status (if any).

    Figure 1: Choose Connected Members Dialog Box
    Choose Connected Members Dialog
  3. Select the connected member to whom this message must be assigned.
  4. Click Submit.

    The selected message is assigned to the connected member. To verify this action, select Administration > Organization to navigate to the Organizations page, and list the messages assigned to any connected member. See Viewing Messages Assigned to an End Customer.