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Scanning PBNs for Impact on Devices


Junos Space Service Insight provides the Scan for Impact option in the Actions list to identify the devices within an organization that could be impacted by the vulnerabilities described in a targeted PBN.

To scan PBNs and view the impacted devices:

  1. From the Service Insight taskbar, select Insight Central > Targeted PBNs.

    The Targeted PBNs page displays the list of PBNs.

  2. Select the PBN that you want to scan for impact.
  3. Right-click your selection or use the Actions list and click Scan for Impact.

    The Scan for Impact dialog box appears requesting confirmation for scanning devices that would be impacted by the selected PBN.

  4. Click Confirm

    The Job Information page displays the schedule status of the selected PBNs. To view the details, click the Job ID. The scan details appear on the Job Management page.