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Service Now Device Groups Overview


You can group and manage multiple devices as a single entity called a device group. You use device groups to group devices within an organization. By associating an organization with one or more device groups, you can maintain groups of devices with similar attributes or uses.

Only users with Service Now administrator privileges can configure device groups.

You can view the device groups configured on Service Now on the Device Groups page (Administration > Device Groups) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Core File Upload Configuration Page
Core File Upload Configuration

Clicking a device group displays the Device Group Detail page where you can view the details of a device group. Table 1 lists the parameters on a device group.

Table 1: Device Group Parameters




Name of the device group


Organization to which the device is assigned


List of devices assigned to the device group

Auto Submit Policies

List of auto submit policies assigned to the device group


Domain to which the device group is assigned

Associated Actions

You can perform the following actions related to device groups: