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Service Now Address Group Overview


Junos Space Service Now provides the Address Group task to configure addresses where devices are located and assign those addresses to devices. This address is used by Juniper Networks for shipping replacement parts and mail communications. You can view address groups configured on Service Now on the Address Groups page (Administration > Address Group).

A Service Now partner can use the partner address instead of end-customer address when submitting RMA cases for end customers to Juniper Support Systems (JSS). This can be done through a setting at the connected member and when submitting a case manually. For an auto submit policy, the partner address can be used if this feature is selected by the partner. Otherwise the end-customer address is used. If the partner uses the partner address, both partner address and customer address must be shown for the device. However, only the partner address is shown when submitting an incident to Juniper Networks.

You can associate devices to any of the address groups defined in the system. You can also associate devices to address group subtypes (Location, Ship- to, and Both) from the Organizations page, Device Groups page, and Devices page.

Associated Actions

You can perform the following actions related to address groups: