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Service Insight PBN Reports Overview


The PBN Reports page (Insight Central > PBN Reports) displays the PBN reports that you generate as shown in Figure 1. Using this page, you can export the existing PBN reports to an Excel file, regenerate them to get the latest information, and delete them from the Service Insight database. To filter the devices that have PBN data, double-click a PBN report to display its detailed summary view, and click the link at the bottom of the displayed dialog box. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: PBN Reports page
 PBN Reports page

Table 1 describes the fields on the PBN Reports page and the PBN Report Detail dialog box.

Table 1: PBN Reports Page and PBN Report Detail Dialog Box Fields Description




Name of the PBN report

Date Created

Date and time when the PBN report was created

Last Ran On

Date and time when the PBN report was last run

PBNs Issued From

Date selected in the report from when PBNs were issued

PBNs Issued till

Date selected in the report till when PBNs were issued

Created By

Name of the user who created the PBN report

Devices Selected

Number of devices that were selected to generate the PBN report

Devices Matching PBNs

Devices for which the PBNs are applicable

Associated Actions

You can perform the following actions related to the PBN Reports:

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