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Insight Central Overview


Insight Central is a Service Insight workspace where you can manage End Of Life (EOL) reports and Proactive Bug Notifications (PBNs). The Exposure Analyzer page in Insight Central displays devices and the available number of EOL parts for these devices, and also displays, for each device, the number of PBNs received. Using the Insight Central workspace, you can also send and manage notifications about EOL and PBN updates to multiple users. You can define the events that trigger a notification, the filters that further specify the trigger events, and also the SNMP servers to which SNMP traps and the users to whom the notifications must be sent.

To access the Insight Central workspace, you must first enable the Service Insight application. Juniper Care Plus customers have access to Service Insight. The functionality of Service Insight is dependent on the information sent from Service Now. To enable Service Insight, you must add a valid organization in the Service Now application. See Adding an Organization to Service Now.

The Insight Central landing page (as shown in Figure 1) graphically displays information about devices and their milestones, EOL reports, PBN reports, the devices with most PBN matches, new PBNs, PBNs owned by you, and the PBNs that are flagged to you.

Figure 1: Insight Central Landing Page
Insight Central
Landing Page