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Exposure Analyzer Overview


Junos Space Service Insight lists devices and the number of End of Life (EOL) parts and Proactive Bug Notifications (PBNs) that are applicable for the devices based on EOL reports and PBNs received from Juniper Support Systems (JSS) (see Figure 1). The Quick View area of Exposure Analyzer page displays the devices (showing details such as number of EOL parts and number of matching PBNs) with specific icons. Table 1 describes these icons. Table 2 describes the fields on the Exposure Analyzer page and the Device Details page.

On the Exposure Analyzer page, you can generate EOL reports and PBN reports for a particular device and export the reports in Excel format. An EOL report includes the following information: devices with End of Life announce parts, serial number of the device, model number of the device, top level assembly part for the device, End of Sale date, and End of Service date, Last Hardware Engineering Support date, Last Software Engineering Support date for the devices that you select.

  • Number of devices with EOL parts

  • EOL announce date

  • Number of EOL announce parts

  • End Of Engineering SW date

  • Number of End Of Engineering SW parts

  • End Of Engineering HW date

  • Number of End Of Engineering HW parts

  • End Of Support date

  • Number of End Of Support parts

  • Top-level assembly parts

  • Circuit assembly parts

  • PSN numbers

  • Replacement numbers

A PBN report includes the following items: Device Name, Device Serial Number, Product, Junos Version, Device Group, Connected Member, Organization, PBN Title, Juniper ID, PBN Description, PBN Customer Impact, PBN Work Around, and PBN URL.

Service Insight uses two timers, one that runs every midnight, and another that runs every hour. The hourly timer initiates Service Insight to process pending EOL requests. This timer schedules when Service Insight requests for EOL and PBN information from JSS. When the number of managed devices is larget, JSS sends EOL and PBN information in batches.

The timer that runs every midnight updates the EOL and PBN data by sending requests to JSS and processing the responses that are received from JSS. This timer also initiates the synchronization process between Service Now and Service Insight which enables Service Insight to display the changes that were made to devices in Service Now. When you execute device-related changes in Service Now while either one of these timers is running, Service Insight takes an hour to display the changes on the Exposure Analyzer page.

Figure 1: Exposure Analyzer Page
Exposure Analyzer Page

Table 1 describes the icons on the exposure analyzer page.

Table 1: Exposure Analyzer Page Icon Descriptions



An EOL report is received for the device

A PBN Is received for the device.

Table 2 describes the fields on the Exposure Analyzer page and the Device Details dialog box.

Table 2: Device Details from the Exposure Analyzer Page




Device hostname

Serial Number

Serial number of the device chassis

IP Address

IP address of the device.


Model number of the device


Service Now organization to which the device belongs

Device Group

Service Now device group to which the device belongs

Connected Member

Customer connected to the device

Connection Status

Connection status of the device in Junos Space.

  • up—Device is connected to Junos Space.

  • down—Device is not connected to Junos Space.

EOL status

EOL information of the device

EOL Parts

Parts of the device identified as EOL

Matching PBNs

Number of PBNs received for the device

Last updated

Date and time the EOL or PBN status of device was last updated

Benefits of Exposure Analyzer

Exposure Analyzer provides you the following information:You can view the number of EOL parts and PBNS

  • Number of EOL parts in a device

  • Number of known issues to which a device is susceptible

This information helps you take proactive measures to mitigate downtime of your network because of EOL parts or known issues.

Actions That You Can Perform From the Exposure Anaylzer Task

You can perform the following actions from the Exposure Analyzer task: