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Configuring TTL Settings for Custom Feeds


To access this page, click Configure>Threat Prevention>Custom Feeds.

Use the Time to Live (TTL) Settings page to specify the number of days for the custom feed to be active.

In the Sky ATP with SDSN, Clouds feed only, and No Sky ATP modes, you can configure the TTL settings for dynamic address, allowlist, blocklist, infected host, and DDoS feed types. In the Sky ATP mode, you can configure TTL settings for only dynamic address, allowlist, and blocklist feed types.


When you configure a TTL setting for a particular feed type, the configuration is applicable for all the custom feeds belonging to that particular feed type. For example, if you set TTL for Allowlist feed type to 45 days, then all Allowlist feeds will have the same configuration.

To configure TTL Settings:

  1. Select Configure>Threat Prevention>Custom Feeds.
  2. Select the TTL Settings tab.

    The Time To live Settings page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration by using the guidelines in Table 1.
  4. Click Update.

    The TTL settings are updated and a success message is shown that the TTL Settings are updated successfully. Click Reset to reset the settings to the last known stable configuration.

    At the beginning of the TTL Settings page, the last updated TTL settings information is shown. This message is refreshed whenever you update a new TTL setting.

Table 1: Fields on the TTL Settings Page



Specify Manually

Select this option to specify the number of days for the required custom feed type to be active.

Never Expire

Select this option if you do not want any custom feed type to be inactive or expire.

Expires in (days)

This field is available only if you select the Specify Manually option.

Specify the number of days for the required custom feed to be active. The available range is 1 to 365 days.

The number of days that you configure in this field appears in the Days to Become Inactive field on each custom feed page. If you make any changes to this field, the same information is refreshed in the Days to Become Inactive field and the timer is adjusted to the updated value.