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Sky ATP Realm Overview


A security realm is a group identifier for an organization used to restrict access to Web applications. You must create at least one security realm to login into Sky ATP. Once you create a realm, you can enroll SRX Series devices into the realm. You can also give more users (administrators) permission to access the realm.

If you have multiple security realms, note that each SRX Series device can only be bound to one realm, and users cannot travel between realms.

Table 1 provides the guidelines on using the fields on the Sky ATP Realm page.

Table 1: Fields on the Sky ATP Realm Page




Specifies the name of a realm.


Specifies the site name associated to the realm.


Specifies the region of the realm.


Specifies the perimeter firewall devices that are enrolled to Sky ATP.

Enrollment Status

Specifies the enrollment status of the realm.