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New and Changed Features

This section describes the new features and enhancements in Policy Enforcer Release 18.1R2:

  • Monitor pages for All Hosts and DDoS Feeds—You can monitor the status of All Hosts and DDoS feeds under the Monitor > Threat Prevention section. To view the All Hosts Status and DDoS Feeds Status pages, you must have the Threat Management privileges or predefined roles enabled.

  • TTL Settings for Custom Feeds—You can now specify the number of days for the custom feed to be active in the Time to Live (TTL) Settings page, under Configure > Threat Prevention > Custom Feeds. In the Sky ATP with SDSN, Clouds feed only, and No Sky ATP modes, you can configure the TTL settings for dynamic address, whitelist, blacklist, infected host, and DDoS feed types. In the Sky ATP mode, you can configure TTL settings for only dynamic address, whitelist, and blacklist feed types.

  • Proxy server support—You can configure the proxy server details in Policy Enforcer and all calls to the internet made by Policy Enforcer are routed through the proxy server. Similarly, all calls from Security Director to SkyATP are routed through the proxy server, if the proxy server is configured in Junos Space.

  • Enhancements—The following enhancements are made to the Sky ATP realm and adding enforcement point pages:

    • In the Add Enforcement Points page, you can choose which firewall device to consider as a perimeter firewall from the firewall devices (SRX and vSRX) list. Only the selected perimeter devices are enrolled to Sky ATP and receive the threat feeds. If you do not choose any firewall device as a perimeter firewall, all the listed firewall devices are enrolled to Sky ATP as perimeter firewalls by default.

    • The following new Sky ATP locations are added to create a Sky ATP realm: Asia Pacific and Canada.

      To know more about the geographic region, see here.

Modified: 2018-06-12