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    Customizing Node System Status Log Checking

    You customize the system status checking for a fabric node to ensure that all necessary information is written to the /var/log/SystemStatusLog log file. You must have the privileges of a System Administrator to customize the system status checking. You customize the system status checking by modifying the fabric node Perl script in /usr/nma/bin/writeLogCronJob.

    To customize system status checking for a fabric node, modify the writeSystemStatusLogFile sub-function in writeLogCronJob as shown:

    sub writeSystemStatusLogFile{
     my $err = 0;
    my $logfile = $_[0];
    $err = system("date >> $logfile");
    $err = system("df /var >> $logfile");
    $err = system("top -n 1 -b | grep Cpu >> $logfile");
    $err = system("top -n 1 -b | grep Mem: >> $logfile");
    $err = system("top -n 1 -b | grep Swap: >> $logfile");
    ***<Add additional system command here that you want to print out in the SystemStatusLog file>***
     if ($err == 0 ) {                 print "write log to $logfile successfully\n";    
     } else {                 print "cannot write log to $logfile\n";    
    return $err;

    Modified: 2017-09-13