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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in Security Director Release 18.1R1.

For the most complete and latest information about resolved Security Director defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • When a user tries to log in to Security Director after password expiry, the myprofile change password pop-up is displayed to change the password. Security Director does not display user password expiry notification before the password expires. PR1324507

  • In the UTM policy page, after clicking on filter icon, filter fields are not visible for all the columns to provide input for column search. PR1334852

  • When one device is selected and updated in Security Director, it triggers an update on all devices. PR1341964

  • In Security Director Release 17.2R1, invalid cron task entry is seen, for example, 5 1 * * * sh /etc/init.d/packetpurger start. PR1344084

  • Unable to import NAT policies using NSM migration tool and XDIFF. PR1344829

  • Unable to rollback security policy. The Error please retry message is displayed. PR1346791

  • The metadata feed server requires manual restart of the secmgt-skyatp-proxy service when Security Director is installed or upgraded. PR1330400

  • In the Threat Prevention Policy page, triggering a rule analysis may throw an error like this: An error occurred while triggering the rule analysis. Please try again later. PR1331439

  • When you install the Junos OS Release 17.4 schema on a Junos space server, publish or update operations might fail on SRX Series platforms when UTM custom objects are present as part of the configuration. PR1330089

  • After upgrading from Junos Space Security Director Release 15.1 to Junos Space Security Director Release 17.1, scheduler object behavior changed. PR1351659

  • IDP packet capture feature is not stable in Junos Space Security Director Release 17.2R2. PR1352209

Modified: 2018-07-31