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Downloading the Signature Database Configuration

The following download options are available for the signature database configuration download:


To download the signature database configuration:

  1. Select Administration > Signature Database.
  2. Click Download Configuration .

    The Download Configuration page appears.

  3. Enter the destination URL where you want to download the IPS and AppFw signature database in the Download URL field. For example,
  4. Enable the Proxy Server field to send the download configuration traffic.
  5. Select Run now to automatically download the signature database immediately.
  6. Select Schedule at a later time to set the signature database to automatically download at the specified time and to take the following actions:
    1. Choose a date by clicking the date picker icon.

    2. Enter the time.

    3. Select the time format from the drop-down menu.

  7. Select the Recurrence check box to enable the schedule to recur in a given time interval.
  8. Click OK.

All the downloaded signatures are created in the System domain in read-only mode. The configuration that are downloaded are also saved in the System domain.

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