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Reports Overview

Reports are generated based on a summary of network activity and overall network status. These generated reports can help you to perform a trend analysis of your network's activities to study changes in traffic patterns. You can use the predefined reports as is, or you can build custom reports that meet specific needs.

Using reports, you can:

For example, if you are an administrator, you can schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and configure them to include multiple criteria. You can also personalize the reports by adding your company logo, cover page, header, footer, and so on.

A Juniper Networks branded cover page is the default cover sheet of the reports. It contains the report title, name, and date of report creation. You can provide your company logo on the cover page along with the Juniper Networks logo. You can also provide the text for the footer and the logo for the header. If you do not provide the header and footer, the Juniper Networks branded header and footer are used. The generated report includes Table of Contents (TOC) with links to each section of the report. When the system generates a report, you and other designated recipients receive the report in PDF format through e‐mail.

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