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Using Filters

Filters are used to search logs and view information about filter condition, time, or fields in the logs. You can configure basic and advanced filters to match the filtering conditions. You can either load existing filters or define a new filter. A filter allows you to enter specific information that must be displayed on the Event Viewer page; for example, the columns in the Event Viewer table, the type of graph, the time period, and the aggregation point. When you change an existing filter or create a new filter, the Event Viewer table and event graph are updated automatically. If filters contain time details, the time control in Event Viewer is updated with the time specified in the filter.

You can edit, save, delete, or search filters on the Event Viewer page. To open the filter options, select Monitor > Events & Logs > Filters > Show Saved Filters on the Event Viewer page.


You can perform the following tasks:

  1. Create Filters
  2. Search Filters
  3. Edit Filters
  4. Save Filters
  5. Delete Filters

Editing Event Viewer Filters


To edit an Event Viewer filter:

  1. Select a filter.

    The filter details are displayed in the filter bar.

  2. Edit the filter string.
  3. Click Save.

    The filter is saved and the database is updated.

Viewing Saved Filters


You can filter the results to display only event logs matching certain criteria.

  1. Select Monitor > Events & Logs
  2. Select Filters > Show Saved Filters to view the saved filters.

The following are the default filters that are available:

Deleting Event Viewer Filters


To delete an Event Viewer filter:

  1. Select Monitor > Events & Logs > Filters > Show Saved Filters.

    The View/Load Filters window appears.

  2. Select the filter
  3. On the top right corner of the window, click the delete button (X).

    The delete confirmation window displays the message. Do you want to delete the selected filter?

  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    The selected filter is deleted.

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