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Resolving Key Conflicts in Security Director

Devices connect to Junos Space using an RSA key. When the device is disconnected or is down, a new RSA key can be generated from the Administration workspace of the Junos Space Network Management Platform. However, when the device comes back online, it will not be able to reconnect to Junos Space using this key. The Authentication Status column on the Security Devices page shows when the device is in the Key Conflict state. You can use the Resolve Key Conflict action in such instances to resolve the key conflict by providing the authentication credentials for the device.


To resolve key conflicts in one or more devices:

  1. Select Devices > Security Devices.

    The Security Devices page appears.

  2. Select the devices. From the More or right-click menu, select Operations > Resolve Key Conflict.

    The Resolve Key Conflict page appears displaying the list of devices you selected.

  3. For each device listed, select the device, click the Edit button, and enter the parameters according to the guidelines provided in Table 117.
  4. Click the Upload button.

    The Job Details: Upload RSA Keys page appears displaying the status of the job. The information about the devices and the status of the upload for each device is displayed in a table.

  5. Click OK to close the Job Details page.

    You are returned to the Security Devices page.

Table 117: Resolve Key Conflict Settings



IP Address

Displays the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the device.


Enter the username of the user on the device.


Enter the corresponding password for user on the device.

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