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Deleting a Device from Junos Space Service Now


Junos Space Service Now provides the Delete option on the Actions list of the Service Now Devices page to delete a device from Junos Space Service Now database. When you delete a device, the device is deleted only from the Junos Space Service Now database along with its related incidents and JMBs. The device is not deleted from Junos Space Network Management Platform.

When you delete a device that has AI-Scripts installed on it from Service Now, the AI-Scripts package is automatically uninstalled from the device.

  • If you uninstall a device from the Junos Space Platform first, you need to manually uninstall AI-Scripts from the device.

To delete a device from Service Now:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Service Now Devices.

    The Service Now Devices page lists the Service Now devices.

  2. Select one or more devices that you want to delete, and click Delete on the Actions list or the right-click menu.

    The Delete Devices dialog box prompts you to confirm the deletion.

  3. Select the Delete device(s) even if AI-Scripts un-installation fails check box to delete the device from Service Now even if the uninstallation of AI-Scripts fails on the device.

    If you do not select this option, the device is not deleted from Service Now if the uninstallation of AI-Scripts fails on the device.

  4. Click Delete.

    Service Now deletes the selected devices from the Service Now database and does not display it on the Service Now Devices page.