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Assigning an Auto Submit Policy to a Device


Auto submit policies allow Service Now to submit incidents automatically to Juniper Support Systems (JSS) or Service Now partner for creating cases. To assign auto submit policies to devices, you must first create them. For information on creating auto submit policies, see Creating an Auto Submit Policy .

To assign an auto submit policy to a device:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Service Now Devices.

    The Service Now Devices page appears.

  2. Select the devices for which you want to assign auto submit policies, and select Modify Auto Submit Policy from either the Actions list or the right-click menu.

    The Modify Auto Submit Policy dialog box appears and displays all the available auto submit policies and selected devices.

    Figure 1: Modify Auto Submit Policy Page
    Modify Auto Submit Policy Page
  3. Under the Select Policy section, select the auto submit policies that you want to assign to the selected devices. Tip

    Click the check box next to Select Policy to select all auto submit policies for assigning to the selected devices.

  4. To assign auto submit policies to selected devices, click Add.Tip

    To remove an assigned policy from the devices, select the policy and click Remove.

    The Service Now Devices page appears. Service Now displays the auto submit policies to which a device is assigned in the auto submit policy column.

  5. (Optional) To verify your changes, navigate to Administration > Auto Submit Policy and view the list of devices assigned to the auto submit policies.