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Uploading Core Files to JSS for an Incident


Junos Space Service Now provides the Upload Core Files option in the Actions list to upload core files generated for an event to Juniper Support Systems (JSS) or Service Now Partner. This option is enabled only when there is at least one core file available for upload.

  • Case should be created for the incident

  • At least one core file should be available for upload

When an end customer uploads core files, the core files are uploaded to the SFTP server configured by the Service Now partner. The Service Now partner provides the ID of the case for the incident submitted by the end customer. The case ID provided by the Service Now partner can be an ID created internally by the Service Now partner or created by JSS. In either case, the core files are uploaded automatically to the SFTP server once a case is created.

To upload core files:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Service Central > Incidents.

    The Incidents page appears.

  2. Select the incident whose core files you need to upload, and select Upload Core Files from either the Actions list or the right-click menu. Note

    This action is available only if the incident has any core file to be uploaded. In addition, this action is disabled in the offline and the demo modes.

    The Core File Uploader dialog box appears with a list of core files.

  3. Select the core files that you want to upload, and click Submit.
  4. If you need to delete the core files from router after uploading, select the Delete Core Files from Router after Uploading check box.