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Uninstalling an Event Profile from a Device


Junos Space Service Now provides the Uninstall Event Profiles from managed devices option in the Actions list of the Service Now Devices page to uninstall event profiles. . Service Now uses Device Management Interface (DMI) to install and uninstall event profiles from devices. DMI is an extension to the NETCONF network management protocol.


A Service Now partner cannot uninstall event profiles from a Service Now end-customer’s devices.

To uninstall event profiles from a managed device:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Service Now Devices.

    The Service Now Devices page appears.

  2. Select the device from which you want to uninstall the event profile.
  3. From the Actions list or right-click menu, select Device Operations > Uninstall Event Profile.

    The Uninstall Event Profile dialog box appears as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Uninstall Event Profiles Dialog Box
Event Profiles Dialog Box
  4. (Optional) Enter your comments for uninstalling the event profile in the Commit Comment text box.

    The maximum number of characters allowed for a comment is 225. Service Now enters a default comment as Commit Issued by Service Now for disabling AI-Scripts.


    This option is available only when AI-Scripts Release 7.0R2 is installed on Service Now Release 17.2R1.

    When you delete a device from Service Now, AI-Scripts configuration is first deleted from the device. While deleting the AI-Scripts configuration, the commit comment provided on the Advanced Settings page is used as the comment for committing the AI-Scripts configuration on the device.

    You can view the commit comment on a device by executing the show system commit command.

  5. Select the Partial Un-install of scripts(Supported in AI-Script 5.0 and above versions) check box to avoid the AI-Scripts configuration from being modified when uninstalling the event profile from the device.Note

    If you uninstall AI-Scripts Release 5.0 or later with the Partial Un-Install of scripts(Supported in AI-Script 5.0 and above versions) option cleared, ensure that the AI-Scripts configuration is deleted manually by executing the /var/db/scripts/remove-jais.slax script to avoid errors while committing the next AI-Scripts configuration (during installation or upgrade of Junos OS on the device).

  6. Click Submit. A job to uninstall the event profile is initiated.

    Click the job ID link to view the status of the job.

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