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Flagging PBNs to Users


Junos Space Service Insight provides the Flag to Users option in the Actions list of the Targeted PBNs page to flag PBNs to Junos Space users who you think need to keep track of the PBNs or who need to receive them.

To flag PBNs to a user:

  1. From the Service Insight navigation tree, select Insight Central > Targeted PBNs.

    The Targeted PBNspage displays the list of targeted PBNs.

  2. Select one or more PBNs that you want to flag to the user.
  3. From the Actions list or the right-click menu, select Flag to Users.

    The Flag to Users dialog box displays the list of users who have permissions to view, assign ownership, or delete PBNs.

  4. Select the users to whom the PBN must be flagged.
  5. (Optional) Select the Email PBN to Flagged Users check box to send an e-mail notification to all the newly flagged users. This option is selected by default.
  6. Click Submit.

    The specified users receive notification about the selected PBN.

To verify that the specified users have been notified of the selected PBN, double-click the PBN. The PBN Details page appears. The PBN is flagged to users listed on the page,