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Enabling and Disabling Notifications


Junos Space Service Insight provides the Enable/Disable Notifications option on the Actions list of the Notifications page to change the functional status of a notification from enabled to disabled, and vice versa. When you create a notification, by default, the notification is in the enabled status where it performs its functions normally. Although the notifications that you disable are inactive and do not perform the specified actions, they are listed on the Notifications page and can be enabled whenever required.

A notification is sent for an event only when the notification is enabled.

When a public tag that is set as a filter level for a notification is deleted, the notification continues to be displayed on the Notifications page with its status changed to Disabled. You are notified of this change when the notification is triggered.

To enable or disable a notification:

  1. From the Service Insight navigation tree, select Insight Central > Notifications.

    The Notifications page displays the notifications.
  2. Select the notifications whose status you want to modify.
  3. Right-click your selection or use the Actions list and select Enable/Disable.

    The Change Notification Status dialog box displays the list of notifications and the changed functional status.
  4. Click Change Status to confirm.

    The status of the selected notifications is modified.