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Troubleshooting Issues with Generating JMBs



Description: No JMB is generated on a device running Junos OS.


AI-Scripts generate JMBs when an event occurs on the device on which they are installed and store the JMBs in the /var/tmp directory of the device. Service Now then copies the JMBs and the attachments from the device to /var/cache/jboss/SN/Jmb/output of the Junos Space Appliance. The JMBs and attachments are deleted from the device after they are copied to the Junos Space Appliance. From the Junos Space Appliance, the JMBs along with the attachments are uploaded to Juniper Support System (JSS) when the incident is submitted to JSS for creating a case.

To troubleshoot issues with JMB generation:

  1. Log in to the device.
  2. Enter CLI mode and execute the show log default-log-messages | match AIS_DATA_AVAILABLE command.

    An output similar to the following is displayed if the JMBs are generated.

    If you do not find the AIS_DATA_AVAILABLE messages in the output, see Troubleshooting AI-Scripts Installation Issues to check whether the AI-Scripts bundle is properly installed on the device.

For assistance with resolving this issue, contact JTAC at .