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Rescheduling a Product Health Data Collection Configuration


You can reschedule a product health data collection (PHDC) configuration if the PHDC status of the configuration is Completed. See Product Health Data Collection Configuration Overview for details on the status of PHDC configuration.

When you reschedule a PHDC configuration, the Copy of prefix is added to the name of the PHDC configuration. While rescheduling, you can add or remove devices from the configuration and modify the PHD collection period.

To reschedule a PHDC configuration:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Product Health Data Collection.

    The Product Health Data Collection page appears.

  2. On the Product Health Data Collection page, select the PHDC configuration that you want to reschedule.
  3. From the Actions list, select Reschedule. Alternatively, right-click the PHDC configuration and select Reschedule.

    The Reschedule page appears.

  4. (Optional) Select or remove devices from the PHDC configuration by selecting or clearing the check boxes provided next to the devices.
  5. Click Next.

    The Configure Product Health Data Collection parameters appear.

  6. (Optional) Modify the Collection Period (days).
  7. (Optional) Select a schedule date and time to start the PHD collection.
  8. Click Submit to reschedule PHDC or click Cancel to cancel rescheduling PHDC.

    When you click Submit, Service Now displays a message indicating that PHDC configuration is successfully rescheduled. If a date and time is not scheduled for PHD collection, Service Now starts collecting PHD immediately after you submit the configuration and changes the status of the PHDC configuration to Starting and then Running.