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Aborting a Product Health Data Collection Configuration


You can abort product health data collection (PHDC) configuration when the status of PHDC is Running. This action aborts PHD collection on all devices assigned to the PHDC configuration.


Once you abort a PHDC configuration, you can only delete the configuration. You cannot move it to any other state.

To abort PHDC configuration:

  1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Product Health Data Collection.

    The Product Health Data Collection page appears.

  2. On the Product Health Data Collection page, select one or more PHDC configurations that you want to abort.
  3. From the Actions list, select Abort. Alternatively, right-click the PHDC configuration and select Abort.

    The Abort Product Health Data Collection dialog box is displayed as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Abort Product Health Data Collection Dialog Box
    Abort Product Health Data Collection
Dialog Box
  4. Click Abort to abort the PHDC configuration or click Cancel to cancel aborting.

    On clicking Submit, Service Now displays a message indicating that the PHDC configuration is successfully aborted and sets the status of the PHDC configuration and the PHD collection to aborted.