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Service Insight REST APIs


Table 1 lists the web services that Service Nowexpose as RESTful APIs.

Table 1: Web Services Provided by Service Insight

Service Name

Service Root


Exposure Analyzer Management

/api/juniper/serviceinsight/ ExposureAnalyzer

The Exposure Analyzer API retrieves the devices with parts available for EOL and matching PBNs.

PBN Management

/api/juniper/serviceinsight/ pbn-management

The PBN Management service allows you to retrieve, scan, assign, and delete a PBN.

PBN Reports Management

/api/juniper/serviceinsight/ pbnreport

The PBN Reports Management service allows you to generate, retrieve, delete, and export PBN reports.

EOL Report Management

/api/juniper/serviceinsight/ eolreport-management

The EOL Report Management service allows you to retrieve, export, and delete EOL reports.

Service Insight Notification Management

/api/juniper/serviceinsight/ notification-management

The Service Insight Notification Management service allows you to create, copy, retrieve, enable or disable, and delete a Service Insight notification.