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Export All Devices Having Product Health Data


Use this API to export information about all devices from which product health data (PHD) was collected to an Excel file.


https://[host]/api/juniper/servicenow/device-analysis/phdDeviceConfigurations/export (HTTP method = GET)





The Excel file contains the following fields:




Name of devices from which PHD is collected

Serial Number

Serial number of the devices


Name of the product health data collection (PHDC) configuration to which the devices are assigned

Start Date

Date and time when PHDC started on the devices


Status of PHDC on the devices

Possible values:

  • Scheduled—PHD collection is scheduled to run on the device at a specified time.

  • Starting—PHD collection is starting on the device.

  • Failed—PHD collection failed to start on the device.

  • Running—PHD is collected from the device.

  • Stopping—PHD collection is currently being stopped on the device.

  • Stopped—PHD collection is stopped on the device.

  • Enabling—PHD collection is enabled on the device after being disabled.

  • Disabling—PHD collection is disabled on the device.

  • Aborting—PHD collection is currently being aborted on the device.

Total Files Available

Number of PHD files collected from the devices

Last Uploaded

Date and time when PHD files collected from the devices were last uploaded to Juniper Support System (JSS)

Status Message

Status of uploading the PHD files to JSS