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Service Now and Service Insight Implementation Models


The ASAP solution uses both the Junos Space Service Now and Junos Space Service Insight applications. However, you can choose to use the capabilities of only Service Now or Service Insight as follows:.

  • To use the capabilities of Service Now only:

    1. Discover devices.
    2. Add the devices to a device group.
    3. Install AI-Scripts on the devices to detect events and collect intelligence information.

    Based on the intelligence information collected from the device, Juniper Support Systems (JSS) continues to send end-of-life (EOL)/end-of-service (EOS) information and proactive bug notifications (PBNs) to Service Insight. The EOL/EOS information can be ignored if Service Insight is not used.

  • To use the capabilities of Service Insight only:

    1. Discover devices.
    2. Add the devices to a device group.

    Do not install AI-Scripts on devices.

    As AI-Scripts is not installed on devices, Service Now does not receive an intelligence Juniper Message Bundle (iJMB) within seven days from the device. As an iJMB is not received from the device, Service Now generates iJMBs using the directive.rc file. The process of using directive.rc file to generate a JMB is known as off-box method of generating a JMB. Service Now generates an iJMB using the directive.rc file when the device does not generate an iJMB between 7 and 12 days since Service Now received the last iJMB. The intervening days help in staggering off-box collection of iJMB to reduce network load and load on Junos Space Network Management Platform. Based on the iJMB generated by Service Now, JSS sends EOL/EOS and PBN notifications to Service Insight.