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Discovering Devices


Before you add a device to Junos Space Service Now, Junos Space Network Management Platform should discover the device and upload the inventory and configuration of the device to the network management database.

Junos Space Platform discovers a device using SSH, SNMP, or ICMP ping. A device must fulfill the following prerequisites to be discovered by Junos Space Platform:

  • The device should have the domestic Junos OS installed on it as domestic Junos OS contains the package for SSH support.

    For devices running worldwide (ww) Junos OS, the devices must have the ww adaptor installed to allow Junos Space Platform to discover the device by using SSH.

  • The device should have a management IP address configured on it and the management IP address should be reachable from the Junos Space server.

  • The device should have a user with full administrative privileges configured on it..

  • SNMP should be enabled on the device if you are using SNMP for discovering the device.

  • Device should be configured to respond to ping requests if you are using ping for discovering the device.

For discovering a device, the Junos Space Platform always initiates the connection to the device and automatically enables SSH and NETCONF over SSH on the device by pushing the following commands:

To discover a device, the Junos Space Platform should have:

  • A management IP configured and route enabled

  • SSHv2 enabled

  • NETCONF over SSH enabled

  • If a firewall exists between the Junos Space Platform and device, the following ports must be opened:

    • TCP/22 to establish NETCONF over SSH connection with the device for device discovery

    • UDP/161 to perform SNMP queries on the device during device discovery

    • TCP/7804 to establish SSH connection to the Junos Space node if device-initiated connection model is used


The following is a brief procedure for discovering a device. For the detailed procedure, see the Discovering Devices topic at Junos Space Network Management Platform Documentation.

Discovering a device by the Junos Space Platform involves the following tasks:

  1. Specifying device targets

  2. Specifying probes

  3. Specifying credentials

To discover devices in a managed network:

  1. Log in to the Junos Space Platform GUI.
  2. From the Network Management Platform navigation tree, select Devices > Device Discovery > Discover Targets.

    The Discover Targets page appears as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Device Targets Page
    Device Targets Page
  3. Click the CSV Upload button to add multiple device targets using a CSV file or the Add icon to add device targets manually.

    Add devices by specifying any one of the following—IP address, IP address range, IP subnet, or hostname.

  4. Click Next to specify probes to discover devices.

    The Specify Probes page appears as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Specify Probes Page
    Specify Probes Page
  5. Specify the method that the Junos Space Platform should use to discover devices.
    • SNMP: Use this option if SNMP is configured on devices.

    • Ping: Use this option if SNMP is not configured on devices.

      This is the default option.

    • Use both SNMP and Ping to discover devices: Use this option to use both SNMP and ping for discovering devices.

      The discovery process is quicker when you use both SNMP and Ping.

    If you are using SNMP, click Add to add SNMP settings; otherwise, go to the next step.

  6. Click Next.

    The Specify Credentials page is displayed.

  7. Click the Add icon to add credentials to log in to devices in the managed network.

    The Add Device Login Credentials dialog box is displayed Figure 3.

    Figure 3: Add Device Login Credentials Dialog Box
    Add Device Login Credentials
Dialog Box
  8. If you are using key-based authentication, select Enable Key based authentication.
  9. In the Username and Password fields, enter the administrator username and password for a device in the managed network.

    The name and password must match the name and password configured on the device. The username should be between two and 64 characters in length. The username should contain alphanumeric characters. Hyphen (-) and underscore (_) are allowed, but the username should not start with a hyphen. The format can also be used for the username.

    There are no restrictions on the password.

  10. (Optional) If you want to enter the administrator username and password for other devices in the managed network, click Add More.
  11. Click Add to add usernames and passwords to the Device Login Credentials list.
  12. Click Discover to discover devices.

    The Discovery Status report appears. It shows the progress of device discovery in real time. Click a bar in the chart to view information about the devices currently being managed or discovered.

  13. To view device discovery details, click View Detailed Report.

    The report displays the IP address, hostname, and discovery status of the discovered devices.

    If the discovery operation fails, the Description column in the Detailed Report table indicates the cause of failure.

You can view logs for the device discovery in the /var/log/jboss/servers/server1/server.log file. The following is a sample of the device discovery log for a device with IP address