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Operational Recommendation


We recommend the following for operating Junos Space Service Now Release 17.2R1 and Junos Space Service Insight Release 17.2R1:

  • AI-Scripts must be installed on devices running Junos OS to generate event-based incidents in Service Now. AI-Scripts are designed to minimize the processing time and memory required to generate Service Now incidents. Therefore, AI-Scripts can be effectively used with a large number of devices running Junos OS. Nonetheless, AI-Scripts consume system resources when installed and activated on devices running Junos OS. Therefore, we recommend that you test and qualify Service Automation before you deploy it in a production environment. Refer to the Devices Supported by Junos Space Network Management Platform for a list of supported platforms.

  • Behavior of AI-Scripts differs from one product family to another. Before you install or upgrade AI-Scripts on a device, we recommend that you see for information about behavior of AI-Scripts on specific product families.

  • When you upgrade Service Now operating in End Customer or Partner Proxy mode, ensure that the Service Now partner is of the same version as its end-customer Service Now application or up to two versions newer than the version of the end-customer Service Now application.

  • Read the KB article,, before installing AI-Scripts on devices running Junos OS to know about issues that can occur when AI-Scripts are installed on them.

  • Device snapshots, product health data files, incidents, and system log files consume considerable disk space in the Service Now database. We recommend that you configure a purge time for device snapshots, product health data files, incidents, and system log files on the Global Settings page of the Service Now GUI to prevent the Service Now database from running out of disk space. The number of days for the purge interval should be lesser if the number of devices managed by Service Now is large.