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Resolved Issues in Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight Release 17.2R1

This section lists the issues fixed in Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight Release 17.2R1:

  • Service Now should include the Export All option in the Actions list of Service Now Devices to enable exporting information about all devices added to Service Now. The Export All option should be enabled even if a user does not select any device for exporting its information. [PR 861042]
  • Service Now should include a column for event type and event sub type when you export information about an event profile from the Event Profile Detail page (Administration > Event Profile). The type and sub type of an event helps in identifying the incident, created for the particular event, on the Incidents page in the Service Now GUI. [PR 994991]
  • For on-demand JMBs generated by Service Now, Service Now should first create an archive of all the log files present in the /var/log directory of a device and then copy the archive instead of copying individual log files and then creating an archive. By creating an archive, the time taken to copy the files from the device to Service Now is reduced as compared to copying the files and then creating an archive. [PR 1074297]
  • Provide APIs for generating EOL and PBN reports based on the following attributes of a device: [PR 1203432]
    • Organization
    • Device Group
  • The Inactive Events tab on the Event Profile Detail page should display all inactive events present in the profile. [PR 1207368]
  • On the Service Now Devices page, a Service Now partner should display the script bundle used by the end customer devices. [PR 1207371]
  • Service Now should set the status and display an appropriate message when a device snapshot (also known as iJMB) is not uploaded to JSS or Service Now partner (in case of End Customer mode). [PR 1309524]

    Service Now should set status and display messages as follows:

    • Set Status as Not Submitted and display message as Device snapshots are submitted once every seven days when a device snapshot is uploaded for the same device within 7 days since a device snapshot was last uploaded.
    • Set Status as Skipped and display message as Skipping this IJMB since there is already an IJMB with PRBIdentifier <ID> when a device snapshot is not uploaded as another device snapshot which was received more recently is uploaded to JSS or Service Now partner.
  • Service Now should not support uploading files by using FTP. [PR 1317701]

    Workaround: Use SFTP protocol to upload files by using Service Now. To use SFTP protocol, see Configuring Core File Upload.

  • Service Now should allow a user to delete AI-Script bundle Versions 7.0R1 and 7.0R2. [PR 1321094]
  • The character limit of the additionalTroubleInfoList attribute should be increased to 38,000 characters from existing 3400 characters in OSS/J APIs. [PR 1327236]
  • Service Now should remove the alert message on the Service Now Devices page, displayed for a device when AI-Scripts is uninstalled from it, after AI-Scripts is reinstalled on the device. [PR 1327845]
  • The Get an Incident by ID API should output Yes for the autoSubmitted attribute when an incident is submitted for creating a case by using an auto submit policy. [PR 1331726]
  • Service Now should send messages indicating device snapshots are not received for more than seven days from devices to specific users instead of the Super user. [PR 991045]
  • Service Now operating in Partner Proxy mode should display configured e-mail IDs and priority of an incident belonging to end customer on the End Customer Case Summary page (Service Central > View End Customer Cases). [PR 1333195]
  • Service Now operating in Partner Proxy mode should display the same priority for an end customer incident as assigned by the end customer. [PR 1333202]

Modified: 2018-02-01