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Known Issues

The following are the known issues in Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight Release 17.2R1:

  • Service Now and Service Insight REST APIs do not function when Service Now and Service Insight are installed on Junos Space Platform Releases 15.1R1, 15.1R2, and 15.1R3.

    Workaround: Upgrade Junos Space Platform to Release 15.12R1 or later.

  • Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R1 does not allow Service Now Releases 16.1R1, 16.2R1, and 17.1R1 to be directly installed on it or upgraded from an earlier version. Also, Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R2 does not allow Service Now Release 16.2R1 and 17.1R1 to be directly installed on it.

    Workaround: The following workarounds are available:

    • Add the value 16.1, 16.2, and 17.1 to the aim and si lines in the appVersionListFile.txt file present at /var/cache/jboss/jmp before installing Service Now Release 16.1R1, 16.2R1.or 17.1R1

      The following is a sample of the appVersionListFile.txt file after adding 16.1R1, 16.2R1, and 17.1R1.

      aim=13.3,14.1,15.1,16.1,16.2,17.1 17.1...
    • If you are upgrading Junos Space Platform from Release 15.1 (15.1R1, 15.1R2, or 15.1R3) to Release 15.2R1 or 15.2R2, install Service Now Release 16.1R1, 16.2R1, 17.1R1 on Junos Space Platform Release 15.1 before upgrading to the Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R1 or 15.2R2.

    For more information about the workaround for this issue, refer to KB31098.

  • When Junos OS installed on a device is upgraded to Release 15.0R1 or later, AI-Scripts needs to be reinstalled on the device by using Service Now.

    Workaround: Reinstall AI-Scripts on the device by using Service Now.

  • Installation of releases earlier than Service Now 15.1R1 and Service Insight 15.1R1 fails on a new installation of Junos Space Network Management Platform. [PR 1110182]
  • Devices installed with AI-Scripts and managed by Service Now should not be directly deleted from the Junos Space Platform. [PR 1006201]

    Workaround: Delete the devices from Service Now and then delete the devices from the Junos Space Platform.

  • If the device configuration contains the load-scripts-from-flash command, then events are not enabled on the device after AI-Scripts installation from Service Now. [PR 786972]

    Workaround: Manually copy the jais-SN-activate-scripts.slax file from the /var/db/scripts/commit directory to the /config/scripts/commit directory.

  • The connection between the Service Now partner proxy and its end customers fails when a user changes the IP address of a Service Now partner proxy. [PR 564827]

    Workaround: Manually update the IP address of the Service Now partner proxy in your Service Now application.

  • AI-Scripts cannot be installed (both when installed manually or by using Service Now) on the following devices when GRES is enabled—EX9200 VC, MX240-VC, MX480-VC, MX960-VC, EX6200, and EX8200. [PR 543035]

    Workaround: You must disable GRES if you want to install AI-Scripts on the listed devices.

  • Service Now cannot uninstall AI-Scripts from the backup Routing Engine of a device with dual Routing Engines. [PR 555657]

    Note: This issue is applicable for devices that are managed by Service Now and on which AI-Scripts Release 4.0 or AI-Scripts Release 4.1 is installed.

Modified: 2018-02-01