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    Viewing Verification Results

    You can use Junos Space Network Management Platform to make sure that the scripts staged on devices are not corrupted, by verifying the checksum of the scripts. You can also view the results of the checksum verification task. When a verification failure occurs, the results indicate the reason for the failure.

    For more information about verifying the checksum of a script, see Verifying the Checksum of Scripts on Devices.

    To view the verification results:

    1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Scripts.

      The Scripts page displays the scripts that you imported into Junos Space Platform.

    2. Select the script whose verification results you want to view.
    3. Right-click your selection or use the Actions menu, and select Verification Results.

      This Verification Results option is available only when you select a script staged on a device. The option is unavailable if you select a local script.

      The Script Verification Results page displays the results of the checksum verification. If you have not yet verified the script on the devices, the results page is empty.

      Table 1 describes the fields on the Script Verification Results page.

      Table 1: Script Verification Results Page Fields

      Field Name


      Script Name

      Filename of the script that is selected for verifying the checksum

      Device Name

      Name of the device on which the script is verified


      Result of the verification. The values could be one of the following:

      • Success
      • Failed
      • Scheduled


      The comment Script verified successfully

    4. Click Back to return to the Scripts page.

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    Modified: 2017-06-01