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    Viewing Execution Results

    You can use Junos Space Network Management Platform to trigger the execution of op scripts on one or more devices simultaneously. You can also view the execution results of the script.

    To view the execution results:

    1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Scripts.

      The Scripts page appears.

    2. Click the View Execution Results icon.

      The View Execution Results page appears. This page displays the execution history that includes script version, device name, script name, execution status, job result, execution start time and end time.

      The fields Device Name, Script Name, Category, Version, and Status have the drop down list enabled with the filter option that has an input field where you can enter the filter criteria. If you apply the filters, the table contents display only the values that match the filter criteria. The fields Results, Execution Start Time, and Execution End Time do not support the filter option.

      Table 1 describes the information that appears on the View Execution Results page.

      Table 1: View Execution Results Page Fields



      Device Name

      Name of the device on which the script is executed

      Script Name

      Name of the script


      Category of the script


      Executed version of script


      Script execution job status


      Contains a link to view the script execution results

      Execution Start Time

      The time at which the execution of the script started

      Execution End Time

      The time at which the execution of the script ended

    3. Click the View link in the Results column to view the detailed execution results.

      The Script Execution Job Results dialog box appears and displays the results of the script execution. You can read and understand the script execution results. Click the [X] icon to close this dialog box.

    You can click Scripts on the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to return to the Scripts page.


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    Modified: 2017-06-01