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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 17.2R1. The identifier following the description is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

  • Resource graphs on the Network Monitoring > Reports > Resource Graphs page do not appear properly after you add an FMPM node. [PR 1182553]
  • Script and configlet upload fails if the upload contains already-uploaded objects with no change or modification. [PR 1185465]
  • Device resynchronization job failure status message is truncated and only part of the RPC error message is shown in the XML format [PR 1186805].
  • The installed schemas that are displayed in the Junos Space Platform user interface are missing from the file system. This problem occurs after a database restore. [PR 1263258]
  • The script execution job uses the display count on the Execute script on Devices page instead of the number of devices selected by tag for the job. [PR 1267739]
  • Rapid increase in the size of the file /root/dead.letter. This problem occurs when AIDE mail notification settings are configured. [PR 1272931]
  • An audit report exported from View Template Associations shows only those devices that have been audited even though the report is expected to contain all associated devices including the unaudited devices and the audit status for each of the devices. [PR 1272997]
  • Node additions through CLI and REST API do not support fingerprint-based authentication. [PR 1273273]
  • Service provisioning with Juniper Connectivity Services Director fails when the URL parameter in the REST API call is encoded. [PR 1273887]
  • Addition of nodes fails when unicast is enabled on the master node. This problem occurs because initial_host configuration of domain.xml does not contain information about the newly-added nodes. [PR 1274661]
  • The SNMPv3 trap configuration settings in the /opt/opennms/etc/trapd-configuration.xml file and on the managed devices are not updated after you restore the database from the backup. [PR 1276974]
  • If a user imports a user certificate that contains an X509 parameter value that was used in a previously imported user certificate for another user, Junos Space Platform locks both the user accounts. [PR 1282190]
  • The View Inapplicable Devices link and the grid pagination do not work on the Retry on Failed Devices job page. [PR 1282533]
  • Node addition fails when unicast communication is enabled on the master node. This problem occurs because the entries corresponding to the newly-added node are not updated in the initial_host configuration of domain.xml and this causes jboss initialization on the newly-added nodes to fail. [PR 1283889]
  • Hot patches fail to apply on an eth1-enabled cluster setup because the patch application uses the eth0 IP address of the node and that causes the connection to fail. [PR 1288078]
  • Database backups are not synchronized on newly-added nodes or nodes that have come back online from down state. This causes loss of database backups that are taken before the nodes are added or have come back online. [PR 1288291]
  • Modification of commit-confirmed-for-configuration and network monitoring features through REST API is not supported. [PR 1288431]
  • SMTP server configuration changes fail to apply when the active SMTP server is configured incorrectly. [PR 1297077]
  • Junos Space Platform does not provide an option to do a complete system backup. [PR 1297446]
  • Junos Space Platform returns a No Devices Found message when you retry a script execution on devices on which the script execution had previously failed. [PR 1297821]
  • User settings are not available for users that have logged in with remote authentication. [PR 1298981]
  • Database backup fails when network monitoring is disabled. This problem occurs if you selected the Network Monitoring check box in the Content Options section of the Database Backup page. [PR 1299292]
  • Junos Space Platform server remains in the maintenance mode during upgrade. This problem occurs because of issues with MySQL version. [PR 1304571]
  • Network monitoring page is not available to users logged in with upper case user names. [PR 1307167]
  • When an application is uninstalled, the job summary shows HTML code snippet instead of the name of the application. In such cases, the Jobs page shows incorrect or incomplete information. [PR 1310187]
  • When a tag containing the special characters `` is used to filter devices for a job, the job page does not list the devices associated with the tag that contains the special characters ``. [PR-1312495]
  • Older versions of js files are not removed after a Junos Space Platform upgrade. [PR 1317776]
  • When you compare or audit a template that contains a space-separated value enclosed in double quotes (for example "snmp community"), the result is shown as in-sync even if the template is out-of-sync. [PR 1318267]

Modified: 2017-12-19