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Resolved Issues

  • The uploaded schema TAR file must be in the /dmi/<device-type>/releases/<schema-version>/ folder. If the TAR is not in that folder, then although the installation is a success, the loading of the schema fails and, as a result, the Modify Configuration page does not load. PR1268413

  • When you add NSX Manager and deploy Security Director as a service manager in NSX, the audit log shows the Policy Enforcer IP address as the currently logged in user. At the back end, the communication between NSX and Security Director happens through the REST API. PR1293841

  • In Security Director Release 17.1R1, address object search does not work when integrated Log Collector is installed. PR1312104

  • If a site is created with a CPPM connector, the site can be created only based on a location-based policy enforcement group. It cannot be created with an IP-based policy enforcement group. PR1288247

  • You can configure only one Radius server as a controller for a connector. PR1287908

Modified: 2018-07-30